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GENESIS: Your Beginning

There is one thing that anyone would want in a time of emergency like when there’s a “blackout” -  that is, a “generator”.  A generator turns on the power and sustains a source of light and electricity sufficient to run everything within your home.  Most of the time, we go through our daily lives and only think about a “generator” when disaster or an emergency strikes.  This is much akin to how we live our personal lives.
What are you generating? What do you generate on a daily basis? There is a living power source within all of us which is available for us to tap into every day of our lives.  As human beings we have the ability “to generate” the kind of life we want to live.  We express this primarily in how we think and speak; our thoughts and words.  These in effect create our reality. First thing in the morning, when you arise, what do you generate? What are your first thoughts?  Are you a subject or a victim of whatever shows up on the landscape of your mind? Like yesterday’s lefto…

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New Year: Think Evolution not Resolution

I took this title from a local newspaper that I found on a subway seat last week and thought it was most awesome!  
We are in the most auspicious time of any given year; the first of, the beginning of, the new year. As a human family we have started a tradition of "making New Year's Resolutions."  By now, that phrase carries the same unhealthy dose of cynicism and sarcasm as most things left to humanity. My thoughts around this idea of "Evolution rather than Resolution" moves quickly toward the axiom that "change is not an event - it is a process" and so it is.  I am wondering as we are coming near the end of this month of (re)newal, (re)constituting, (re)solving, that perhaps it is not about "re" anything.  Maybe it is about becoming acutely aware of what is important to us and what our priorities are in a very real, tangible and pragmatic way; not the lofty, glorious, hard to reach, idealistic goals that we usually set up for ourselves whic…

My Yestermony: Reflections on 2013

Reflecting on 2013… it’s about 5 hours from the New Year, 2014. I have long given up and outgrown the drinking, club hopping, being out in the world with stranger’s years.  For the last decade and better I usually attend “Watch Night” services at my church.  I love it…it’s about gratitude, community, acknowledgment and Blessing God for all that He has done for you, all that’s He’s brought you through.  It's about the Grace and Mercy that you have been granted for things that would have, should or could have happened to you.  It is rejoicing, celebrating, worshiping and feeling safe…at home…a part of something greater than yourself. I am not going out tonight though.  It’s one of those years where I will "be" the church and have church at home. 2013… I am having a little bit of a struggle trying to describe it.  Usually I look for a word that seems to highlight the tone and movement of the year.  The first word that showed up for me was “transitional”.  I realized that I…