Tyrannized by What? You wouldn’t believe.

In my daily reading I was struck by these words I read in the Scripture (Message Bible). It spoke about being “tyrannized by what you want” in life. It made me pause to reflect. 
I thought, probably if most of us looked closely at our lives, for most of the things that we desire / want (normal things); we have received them. How many of us have looked back at ourselves once we obtained “the thing” we wanted and said, I should have been just a little more patient because, it came. It happened.
Haven’t you noticed that “it” will come, “it” will happen. More times than not, the things we fiend, obsess and worry over and about, usually work out. They actually come to pass.It’s not that it doesn’t happen. It’s really a matter of how long it takes to happen.For most of us, when it comes to what we want, the answer to that question of “how long? is TOO LONG!
Perhaps we need to reframe our Minds, make the adjustment, so that how we gauge the space between what we want and when we get it is okay



Queendom Culture : Episode 2: Queen Who Art Thou?


Can You Handle It? Full-Fill-Meant!

This was my first blog entry this year. Thought I published it but I didn't, so here goes!  The next entry is in the can, up to date! Out next week!

Happy 2019! Wow...This is my first post in this New Year. I was really getting into a flow of writing the blog weekly, when a most "divine interruption" came.  I have to admit that at first, I felt a little upset wondering how this was going to look to people. I had disappeared again.  I had just recently made a personal vow to develop consistency with my blog; every week, without fail, and here I go again!
Well...I checked my last entry and it was at the end of November. But let me tell you this, it was for "gooood" reason!  Although I haven't written, I sure have been having "consistent" thoughts about where to begin and what to share with you about what has been going on in my life. I share with you from my life; not about "it" (like gossip). I focus upon the principles of Life that I ha…

A Slap in The Face or A Timely Check?

There's a name, that if someone calls you it, it feels like a slap in the face. And no, it is not profanity. The name is "victim". I am definitely not talking about a "true" victim of some heinous act, God forbid. I am talking about when someone accuses you of being "a victim" or acting like "a victim" regarding how you are handling a situation in your life or handling your life itself. Most of the time we become indignant when this happens. Being a victim definitely translates into the idea of being weak and powerless. Nobody likes that.
It would not be a stranger who says this to you. Perhaps that is why it tends to offend us more. Usually it is a friend or loved one, who has been an outside observer, who more than likely loves you and wants to see you take control over a situation or in your life in general. Regardless of their intention or desire for your good, it probably angers you more than it seems helpful.  Because, real talk, most…

Don't Just Say Your Grace, BE Grace! This Season

In this most auspicious and sacred time of year, so much is going on in every dimension of our lives; mentally, emotionally, spiritually and yes financially.  It is the deepest, most intense time of the year for most of us. It is a concentrated time for being with family and friends which are the cornerstone relationships of life. As always, as we stand at the entrance of this season we will have to confront the interior terrains of our lives. We have to deal with brokenness, disenfranchisement, and a lack of fellowship within our families.  We will have to make tough decisions about who we will break bread with, who can sit at the table, who is uninvited, who is banned and who is damned.  We have to determine whether we will forgive for the sake of the holidays; if we are willing to be in the company of our loved ones; even if we will make up (so that we can get Christmas presents). Many of us have to deal with loss. The loss of our mother, father, child, sister, brother, grandparen…