A Better Quality Of Life...The Moment!

As I am always reflecting on life, or more so, being "present" to life on a moment by moment basis, the word "quality" jumped up at me; that is "quality of life". I began to think about the fact that we all, every human being on the planet, wants, even yearns for "a better life."  We are actually created from deep within to want more, to want better.  I wondered, though, "what does that really mean?"  
Immediately I heard the chorus of humanity, a definite majority say, of course having a better life would mean "HAVING MORE". Unanimously and loudly they said, first and foremost a better life would happen immediately if I had, MORE MONEY!  Having more money would SOLVE every problem that I have right now.  Hello, everybody "knows" (believes) this!  The reality is that we all know (deep down inside) that it's a lie, an untruth.  We all know people personally and famously (celebrities and such) who testify to the …

Making "Peace" With Your Hair!

I was doing my daily devotional reading and in one of my all time favorite books, the inspiration of the day was on a subject that I have lived for most of my adult life, that is "HAIR".  
Now the author, Sarah Ban Breathnach, whose words I adore, is not Black but she is a Woman, and she speaks Truth.  I believe the language and experience of HAIR transcends race and  touches all women. Unique to Black Women is the fact that we have actually had "to fight" for the right, to wear our God-given Natural Hair, because of Slavery.
I loved the title of her writing, it was perfect. Really there was nothing to add to it, which is how Truth works.  The concept of "making Peace with our Hair", is certainly a woman's reality, especially for women of color. For us "making Peace with our Hair" translates essentially into "GOING NATURAL".  That is, going "cold turkey" from the drugs (perms) and the instruments of destruction (hot comb…

Fighting For Your Peace...What?

I am a "Peaceful" person. Most people who know me would attest to that. Ironically, I came from a family background of constant and unpredictable arguing and fighting; even physical fighting (probably like many dysfunctional Black families). It usually began early mornings, carried on throughout the day and many times ended late in the night.  It happened on weeknights and was really blazing on weekends and holidays. I am sure I decided to find the path of Peace, a lifestyle of Peace, in response to my early childhood experiences.  
As a grown woman, a legacy aged woman, I feel that I have achieved a definitive level of peace in my life.  The journey was relentless however. It had to be.  I pursued the Healing of my Soul in every way I could. As I reflect back on my journey;  I probably tried every therapeutic modality available. I read books, listened to tapes, joined groups, stayed in shut-ins, took courses, went on trips, cleansed, fasted, sweated, sat on couches and lai…

OWNERSHIP Pt. II: "Own" The Night

As promised we are continuing our conversation about Ownership.  I gave an offering for the daytime, now here comes the night!  Of course, by nightfall, we are all mostly tired and worn out. We have dealt with bosses, co-workers, children, husbands, friends, enemies and everything else walking on two feet.  By the time it's time to lay down and go to sleep, most of are either too tired to go to sleep, to worried to sleep, ruminating over the day that's now past or impending the doom of the next day. Indeed it feels like there is no rest for the weary!
Once again, we return to the sacred domain and power of the Mind, our thoughts. We know that somehow we must stop thinking and rest our minds in order for us to sleep. The night feels much heavier than the morning when we can invent our day and create expectations for ourselves. At night, we are left with the realities of what happened that day.   Let's be honest "there is no easy way out."  We must  make a strong, …

OWNERSHIP: What Do You Own?

So much of our identity as human beings, we often think, is based on "what we own."  So many of us are rooted and grounded in that. We believe that "who we are" literally means "what we have", that is, what we possess, material things. The more we "have" (things), the more we can boast, the more successful we think we are, the more superior than those around us we think we are. The idea of ownership, being the Owner of something, makes us feel powerful. It's intoxicating. We can feel real "puffed up" even if we own just two little things, an expensive car and a home.  Oh, let me add expensive jewelry, clothing and money for the record. For many of us having these things can make us think and feel that we have arrived. Actually looking at these possessions so monumentally, seems meager and pitiful in a way. The "possessions" that we own and are so proud of, are  usually "possessing" us.  
Truthfully speaking, we…

BeYouTy Becomes Legacy!

I am very excited to re-enter the stage and to continue sharing with you from the majestic landscape of "BeYouTy". It's been about a year and a half since I have written here.  Not to be cliche', but "where did the time go"? One thing that usually gets in the way of starting is starting. Ideally, you want to have a map of how you will approach everything and lay it out completely. What I have come to learn about myself is that I simply do not operate that way. I have self-integrity. I will get it done ultimately.  I always have the concept and vision in my Soul and Spirit, before I start. What it becomes however, is "my  glorious journey." I have always lived on the "revelation" and daily "discovery" road. At the end of the day, when I reflect on my accomplishments in life thus far, I usually say, "not too bad."  I am content.
As I am now in what some call "legacy years". Indeed I am looking forward to shar…

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